Wow! 2011 is almost over. It’s so hard to believe.

It’s been an incredible year for me. I turned the big 4-0 and entered the world of full grown adulthood. I know some of you think you have already arrived at that point, but trust me you haven’t. The best is yet to come and I’ve declared my 40’s the decade of freedom!

But that’s really not what this article is about. I just wanted to take a few moments to recap the best articles of 2011. It’s based on the top views from readers like you. Ironically, they are the post where I share some of my deepest feelings and tips.

Look at the list and let me know what your favorite post was for the year. If it’s not listed you can let me know what it was in the comment section and why.

So here are the Top 9 Post of 2011:

9. Ignore Deadbeat Daddies and Bid Farewell to Child Support Dependence

Ever dream of finding the right way to forget about your deadbeat baby daddy, stop depending on unreliable child support, and start changing your life? Many single moms have actually done that. Most, however, never work through the daydream stage. Many lacked the desire to research, learn, and put a plan in motion, so all they do is dream, whine and complain about how he’s a deadbeat. …Read the rest

8. 15 Easy Ways to Sell Your Stuff for Cash

In the past I’ve shared how I’ve made money online through freelance writing, surveys, focus groups and various other ways. Those methods are just a drop in the bucket for ways to make money online…Read the rest

7. How to Become Self-Sufficient and Financially Independent as a New Single Mom

That seems like the million dollar question, but it’s a very real one to ask. Facing single motherhood after divorce is pretty scary. If you have been dependent on a spouse for the last few years and now face doing it all alone it can feel overwhelming…Read the rest

6. How Rich Single Momma Makes Money Online

I’ve been pretty busy over the last few months, but with good reasons. Most of you know by now that I am always looking for ways to make extra money. I don’t know if it’s because I want it or if it’s become a hobby. I like the challenge of making extra money because I get to use my ideas and research skills. I won’t bore  you with the details but I will give you an overview of how I’m making extra money online…Read the rest

5. Coupon Clipping Help for Single Moms

2011 was the year of extreme couponing so this article rose to the top as a favorite.

A few articles ago I told you my apprehension about taking up the coupon challenge. I was concerned about the time it would take to collect and clip coupons. But I got to thinking about ways to overcome this hurdle. Surely there had to be someone who could clip al those coupons for me! …Read the rest

4. Need More Side Hustle Ideas?

This was a very short post but it still gets a lot of hits…Here are more ideas to consider for your side hustle. Don’t be ashamed to let people know what you are doing. Most are happy to buy from you, especially if you have a good reputation and display great customer service. Let me know how it’s going for you….Read the rest

3. Quick and Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

This is a guest post that will give you some ideas for making extra money or start a side hustle. The options are endless but don’t get stuck trying to decide what side gig or business to start. Jump in and try to make $100 as well as decide if you like it. For some that may seem reckless but you have to try a few things out to see if it works before you spend more time and money on an idea that you hate or doesn’t increase your bank account. …Read the rest

2. Single Mom Advice: How to Make Cash Quickly

Recently I received a letter from a mom whose ex-husband lost his job and probably won’t have money to pay child support for a while. Her hours at work were reduced and she is scrambling to find a way to make extra money or start a side business to supplement her income….Read the rest

1. 13 Things I Hate About Being a Single Mom

This is the most viewed article for 2011. The search term for this article included “I hate being a single mom” to “I hate single moms”. Very interesting but it’s now how people found the article. In 2012 I will write about what I love about being a single mom.

Here is the beginning of the article…In my 14 years as a single mom these are the top things that bug me the most about being a single mom. It’s not so much about the situation directly because I’ve made my peace with it but mostly about the irrelevant people that make this journey most annoying. I apologize in advance if this seems harsh and out of character for me, but I’ve been holding it in for a very long time and today seemed like a very good day to vent provide a little commentary of my own…Read the rest