2016 Holiday Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

2016 Holiday Gift Ideas for Busy Moms

You are a busy mom, but you also have friends who are moms and just as busy. This holiday season I’m sharing the perfect last minute and stocking stuffer gift ideas. They are just what the doctor ordered because they are both practical and affordable.

Bath Bombs – Soaks in the City

They sell premium bath bombs soaksinthecity.com and we are also on Facebook www.facebook.com/soaksinthecity

2016 Holiday Gifts Guide for Busy Moms Bath Bombs

Comfy Memory Foam (with writeable surface)

The FoMI Rewritable pillow is a bright, fun and functional way to leave others Holiday Cards, reminders or loving words…or just to design your own pillow. The pillows come in 3 upbeat colors and are easy to use and reuse. Just write directly on the pillow with the included marker.

memory foam writing pillow 2016 holiday gift guide busy moms     pink-memory-foam-writing-pillow-2016 -holiday-gift-guide-busy-moms.jpg

To erase, remove the pillow and rinse under cold water. No soap needed. A SUPER COZY MEMORY FOAM CUSHION YOU CAN WRITE ON: Write and erase all the messages you want on this cushion. To erase, remove the pillowcase and rinse under cold water. Doesn’t need soap. Two markers included. Customize a design to make your pillow “yours”.

Get your blue rewriteable memory foam pillow or pink rewriteable memory foam pillow on Amazon and follow them on Facebook.

Decadent & Calming Body Butter from BlyssBody.com

blyss body butter calming cream 2016 holiday gift guide busy momsDo you have insomnia? Have a hard time falling and staying asleep? Feel tired because of lack of sleep? 

Are you stressed because of work, school, relationships, or life? Are you tired of pharmaceutical drugs and want a natural way to calm down and sleep easier?

Blyss Body Butter is an all natural, 100% organic calming cream that soothes mental, physical, and emotional distress.

Side effects may include lower blood pressure, better sleep, and overall feeling of well-being. Recommended for bedtime use only. Safe for children and babies who are restless or wake up too early or too often during the night.

Journals and Notebooks by Jerry Gill

journals-_7covers_smallPerfect gift for journalers, scribblers, poets and other writers in your life. As unique as the people who use them. They also make fantastic notebook for students. Some have specified focus but can be used for anything. (foodies, dreams, planner etc)
Get them on Amazon http://amzn.to/2g6nn88
Get them at Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/2gQKtki


Watch this space for more great gifts for yourself or the busy moms on your list!

3 Quick Single Mom Stress Relief Tips

3 Quick Single Mom Stress Relief Tips

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A few years ago I was dealing with debilitating single mom stress, well just plain stress, to the point that I started having hot flash and night sweats on an hourly basis. It was really bad! I couldn’t think straight because my mind was foggy. I was dealing with depression, doing the model mommy thing, and working through dissolving a toxic relationship. This went on for a year or so when I finally decided to get help. I went to the doctor and they put me on anti-depressants and start me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because I was entering menopause. I was only 32 years old! Ugh!


I did the anti-depressants for a couple of months and I refused to go on HRT. The meds I was taking was making me feel like my head was detached from my body. I really couldn’t function and I was afraid I was not going to be alert enough to take care of my kids. I was also scared to drive even though I hadn’t taken medicine for a couple of days. The affects of the medicine was still in my system making me feel drowsy and crazy in my head. I had to do something so I researched a few natural therapies I could use to deal with the stress.

I found out about lavender, meditation, EFT, and Valerian root. I used a combination of these things to finally get stress relief.

Stress Relief Tip #1

Valerian root for single mom calm stress relief
WikimediaImages / Pixabay

I use Valerian Root first. I heard about it when I was younger so I knew it had a calming affect. I could take it everyday without it making me drowsy and disconnected. It was not addictive so I started taking it daily. I felt better within a week. I slept better at night and didn’t feel jittery or nervous.

Stress Relief Tip #2

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) for stressed women
xxolgaxx / Pixabay

The next thing I tried was EFT or emotional freedom technique. I was researching ways to deal with the emotional issues I was having and came across this new method of treating them. I learned how to do the technique and got some results. It wasn’t until years later that I really started using it and got unbelievable results. I’ll have to do a different post on just this method alone.

Stress Relief Tip #3

Finally, I started using lavender. I bought sachets to put under my pillow at night and found spray products that had the fragrance in it. I really like it because of the smell and the calming affects. Recently I bought a product off Amazon called Tranquility by Phytopia. It’s a massage oil that has a very nice lavender fragrance. It’s strong but not overwhelming so I can use it at night, which is how they recommend you use it. I slept for eight hours and felt great the next morning.

What’s Bugging (Stressing) You?

single mom stress relief tips
MasimbaTinasheMadondo / Pixabay

I don’t know what kind of stress you are dealing with personally. If it’s anything like mine was I recommend that you run to the health food store or Amazon (free 2-day shipping is awesome) and pick up the items I used. You can go to the EFT website and read more about it or search for it on YouTube.

Being on anti-depressants wasn’t the answer for me. I could not function and I did not know what kind of damage it was doing to my body. I just didn’t want to risk addiction. Dealing with the issues was the best thing for me because I wanted to be completely healed from the stress, depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues.

Watch the video, 3 Quick Single Mom Stress Relief Tips, if you don’t want to read it

Get Help and Get Healthy!

single mom get help get healthy

If you are dealing with dark thoughts, feel like you can’t get yourself together, or want to harm yourself (or your kids) please get help. Do not suffer alone!


[Book Excerpt] Discovering Your Own Doctor Within

[Book Excerpt] Discovering Your Own Doctor Within

An Actress WithinDiscovering Your Doctor Within book cover about emotional wellness

A girl in her midtwenties who wore a peasant shirt arrived for a simple checkup of her sprained right wrist. She’d been
wearing a brace and managing within her work restrictions. Blonde-haired and doe-eyed, she appeared reserved but polite. I proceeded to examine the wrist and check the fit of the brace. I also offered her a different medication and asked about physical therapy.

We then chitchatted a bit, during which she told me she was working an assembly line job and raising her sons, but she’d just graduated from acting school and was very excited to audition the next day for a commercial in Cincinnati. She thought it was important to show her sons the importance of following a dream by following her own. She said she’d always wanted to portray characters that brought out emotions in those watching. I commended her for this and wished her the best for the audition.

I encouraged her to show the joy in what she was doing, even if it was an awkward tryout, as though the time on stage would truly be what she’d be doing for a living; projecting her comfort would allow the producers to feel more relaxed and happy to hire her for the part. I asked her if there was anything else about her health that we should talk about, and she stated she’d had migraines since childhood.

meditation for emotional wellness

Unsplash / Pixabay

I felt a sense of properness while in the room with her; a sense of calmness that was more like forced tranquility than genuine peace. So, I brought to her attention that allowing her true feelings to come out, such as anger, would not only help with her migraines but also with her performance on stage. I felt that somewhere during this young adult’s upbringing, she’d learned to turn off any anger, having judged and condemned it as improper.

“As a matter of fact,” I told her, “anger can be very helpful.”

I recommended that she join a self-defense class where she could strike out, kick, and punch, and with each one of these offensive moves, assign with it something that happened to her that caused her to feel angry. She was to channel that feeling and event into every strike.

I told her that if she did that, she would not only help her migraines but also be able to channel that emotion in the human characters she played. I explained that the suppression of this emotion doesn’t get rid of it but instead just chains it up for a while and builds inner pressure that can result in all sorts of destructive influence on the body. Emotions are vibrations, and the body, under poor vibrations, can develop disease and be unwell, exhibiting symptoms such as migraines, ulcers, and stomach issues.

She nodded in agreement and said that in her final exam at acting school, she’d had to deliver part of a monologue of a very angry woman, standing alone on stage. She said she had done very poorly because she hadn’t been able to get in touch with the anger. I’d told her that it made a lot of sense because she’d never given herself permission to access it. While she worked through this, I recommended that she try butterbur, an herb showing promise in treating migraines, embraced by large neurology clinics for its effectiveness and low side effect profile.

I then asked if I could say a prayer with her for her audition and new dream career. She agreed, and I held in my mind the portrait of her as an actress who was so in touch with each of her emotions that she could portray any character, and the genuineness of this would be felt by all the audience members, who would be in turn inspired to find the genuine nature in their own lives. I saw this so clearly for her and asked that she be guided to this, as she felt comfortable in allowing it to happen. She’d been an inspiration, and I was blessed with a new realization about prayer from our visit.

In having prayed and seen the young actress so sharply in my mind’s eye doing and loving what she wanted so much to do, I felt what true prayer is. True prayer is holding a deeply felt, detailed image of someone’s best self, when he or she isn’t yet able to do so. I was reminded of Jesus among the sick. He saw his fellow beings in their full state of radiant health, walking with their beds instead of focusing on their lameness and skin lesions. He held so strongly the vibration of their well-being that they all let go of their own beliefs of sickness in his presence. We can all do this for each other by focusing on each other’s best selves and holding that in our hearts as our image of them.


About the author

Amy E. Coleman author of discovering your doctor withinDr. Amy E. Coleman is the CEO and founder of Wellsmart, a company that cultivates technologies and healthcare strategies that strengthen the patient/doctor relationship. She served as a United States Air Force flight surgeon, and was appointed the youngest and first female Commander of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Clinic. There, she helped guide global medical missions and build creative clinic systems, including those employing complementary care methods still employed today throughout the Air Force.

Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

This weekend is the beginning of summer travel and road trips!

With the help of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) I want to share a few Summer Road Trip Safety Tips. I created a short video you can check out below but I really want you to get the main idea so your summer can be fun and safe.

NHTSA offers the following safety recommendations before taking to the road:

Regular maintenance: Tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations go a long way toward preventing breakdowns before they happen. If your vehicle has been serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it should be in good shape and ready to travel. If not, or you don’t know the service history of the vehicle you plan to drive, schedule a preventive maintenance check-up with your mechanic. View NHTSA’s interactive summer driving tips

Don’t drink and drive: Every 52 minutes, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash. Be responsible and don’t drink and drive. If you plan to drink, choose a designed driver before going out. Last year, NHTSA announced a new mobile app designed to help people who have been drinking get a safe ride home

Buckle seat belts: All drivers and passengers should wear seat belts when traveling in a vehicle. Research has found that lap/shoulder seat belts, when used, reduce the risk of fatal injury to front-seat passengers by 45 percent and the risk of moderate-to-critical injury by 50 percent.

Protect child passengers: Research on the effectiveness of child safety seats has found them to reduce fatal injury by 71 percent for infants (younger than 1 year old) and 54 percent for toddlers (up to 4 years old) in passenger cars. If you’re traveling with children, remember the best way to protect them in a car is to put them in the correct child safety seat for their size and age. All children 13 and younger should ride in the back seat. Visit Parent’s Central for more information on child passenger safety.

Avoid distraction: Distraction accounts for approximately 10 percent of fatal crashes and 18 percent of injuries – all preventable. Distracted driving can be anything that pulls your attention away from diving, including cell phone use, texting while driving, eating, drinking, and using in-vehicle technologies and portable electronic devices.

Observe “Move Over” Laws: Move over and change lanes to give safe clearance to law enforcement officers assisting motorists on the side of the road. It’s the law in all 50 states.

Stay connected with NHTSA: Search for open recalls with VIN look up | Download the Safercar Mobile App for Apple or Android devices | Receive recall alerts by email | Visit us on Facebook.com/NHTSA | Follow us on Twitter.com/NHTSAgov | Watch 5-Star Safety Ratings crash tests on YouTube.com/USDOTNHTSA | SaferCar.gov

If you are on Twitter join the safety to talk about tire safety. Join us for the Tire Wise Twitter chat on Thursday, May 28, at 3 p.m. ET.

My Summer Sides Slim Down Challenge

My Summer Sides Slim Down Challenge

This post brought to you by Piccadilly Restaurants. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve gained weight. More weight than I’ve ever gained before. Why? Because my food intake to exercise ratio is low. Because I’ve been under stress. Because I’ve been depressed. Because I’m getting older and my metabolism is slower. There seems to be a million reasons why…
Now I’m at a point where I’m embarrassed to look at pictures. I have to buy much larger clothes and I don’t feel healthy. My joints and tendons hurt because they have to carry more weight.
 For most of my life I’ve been petite. I’ve been curvy but never more than a size 8/10. Now I’ve added 10 inches to my waist and gained over 30 pounds in a year and a half.
I could blame it on my office job where I sit all day and work on the computer. I could blame it on many things but the truth is I haven’t made exercise a priority and I’ve been eating heavy meals then going to bed shortly after.
Now I’m to the point where I can’t take it anymore. I decided that I would implement my get fine plan. Fortunately I joined a health challenge at work where I can track my exercise and get encouragement.
I bought a pedometer to count my steps. The goal is to walk 10k steps a day. I walk at work with a co-worker and after work at my local park trail.
Salad 2 photo 9fbbdbf9-4cee-4e1e-9317-6fc3b6694cb2_zps4875a012.png
I made a decision to eat my last meal of the day before 6pm. I eat lots of fruit and cut down on bread. I eat veggie plates at the lunch cafe at work and I hear the veggie plate at Piccadilly is back.
Salad 4 photo 0267f672-1519-4022-a8cd-e1b7cccdb694_zps55bd1ca0.png
That brings back memories from when I was younger and my parents were vegetarian. We went to the Piccadilly buffet in the mall where we knew we could get an awesome vegetable plate. They always had my favorites like steamed cabbage, corn, potatoes, broccoli, yellow rice, and tons more. Back then a veggie plate was pretty inexpensive. I think Piccadilly Restaurants are charging $5.95 these days which won’t break the bank.
They are also running the Piccadilly salad promotion where you can get two salads and a veggie plate, a fruit salad and veggie plate, or a salad and two veggies plate. Any option you choose is good when you are on a get fit program like I am. It’s really about a lifestyle change, right?
If I continue making good food choices, walking, and eating my last meal at a decent time I should see the pounds melt away. I’m determined to leave these extra 30 pounds where I found them because it just doesn’t feel good to be this heavy. My body will thank me and I’ll look great in pictures again! 😉
Are you struggling with your weight right now? Have you ever decided to change the way you eat by adding more vegetables? If you have a restaurant like Piccadilly in your area what is your favorite meal and what sides do you usually get? What new ones would you try? 

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[Infographic] Single Moms Can Learn CPR the Easy Way

[Infographic] Single Moms Can Learn CPR the Easy Way

Learn Easy CPR

The Red Cross offers online learning programs for CPR training. These programs display pictures, diagrams, easy-to-understand explanations and more. Of course, if you prefer the traditional classroom setting to learn CPR then you can choose that as well.

A quick way to remember CPR is by what is known as the “ABC” steps. A stands for Airway, B stands for Breathing and C stands for Circulation.

The airway step is when you place the child flat on the ground and then slightly tilt their head backwards. This is the proper position to perform CPR, which leads us to the breathing step.

Breathe into the child’s mouth in order to force air into their lungs.

After that, you want to get circulation into their heart by performing chest compressions. This will restore blood flow throughout their system after their heart stops beating.

Repeat the breathing and circulation steps until the child responds. The American Heart Association is constantly posting changes to their CPR guidelines, so you will want to stay updated on those as often as possible.

Of course, always remember to call 9-1-1 before using CPR because you will want emergency paramedics to get there as soon as possible. CPR is meant to be a temporary revival of the child until professionals can get there and follow their own advanced medical procedures.

Infographic Source