6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume Your Bank Account

6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume Your Bank Account

Are you still running out of money before the month is up? What about your savings account? Is it just a fantasy you hope will come true one day?

This used to be my life but fortunately I changed my money mindset and now I have a surplus and less stress.

So how can you get to this point in your life?  Would you like to learn 6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume on Your Bank Account? I encourage you to listen up.

I was invited by my friend Sarah Aderson over at Mom-in-Chief Lounge and Arise Single Mom Conference to share my secrets of how to attract wealth in your life.

The class is called Master Your Money Mindset: 6 Ways to Turn Up the Volume on Your Bank Account. The amazing thing is the class is now available as the Master Your Money Mindset paid course.

In the class you will:

  1. Understand the only constant is change

  2. Learn How to Subtract to multiply

  3. Explore the Money Cycle

  4. Recognize your absolute value

  5. Embrace your freedom of choice

  6. Attract wealth

If you want your life to move in a positive direction and discover how to have more financial freedom head over to listen to this class. Listen to the end to hear about my special offer.

The regular price for this class is $25 but if you enter the discount code money you can get $15 off! So you only pay $10 for the course.

Click to Get Master Your Money Mindset course for only $10 now!

Rich Single Momma Retreating at Cohutta Springs

Rich Single Momma Retreating at Cohutta Springs

It’s that time of year again for Rich Single Momma to retreat at Cohutta Springs in the Georgia Mountains. The trip has a dual purpose. First is for rest and relaxation and the second is to bond with women in my book club.

Over the last three years my friends and I set out to prove that black people do read! We also proved that women, black women can be true friends, bond, and support each other. This kind of friendship is hard to come by so when you find it do whatever you can to cultivate it and make it stronger.

In a world with so much hurt, fear, and pain it is important to find people you can love, support, and have friendship with.

Getting Away with Women Who Read

This past weekend my book club escaped the busyness of life to a North GA mountain retreat just because. It was a fantastic time bonding with each other, affirming, and confirming that black women not only read but can actually enjoy each other’s company without any hidden agendas.

We went to Cohutta Springs retreat center in Crandall, GA. I’ve been to this retreat center many times but never stayed at one of the chalets. What a treat!

A Perfect Place to Retreat

Cohutta Springs Retreat Center Samantha A. Gregory

Chalet #3 is a beautiful 3-story get away with six bedrooms, 3 baths, a full kitchen and breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. It sleeps up to 16 people.

There were 11 ladies in all with nine of us staying for the weekend. We laughed, danced, ate, and talked throughout the entire weekend. Saturday morning we walked around the retreat area, took pictures, visited with the horses, and enjoyed the brisk, cold air.

I have to say that I have never been so relaxed after a vacation. It was no muss, no fuss, no schedules, but just pure relaxation.

Here are a few pictures to make you either jealous, or ready to book a retreat of your ladies group or family. 🙂


Walking the long road to nowhere if we wanted to. The pastures contain horses that could either take us or leave us, LOL!


A couple of horses grazing


It’s cold in November in the mountains but we braved it to take a brisk walk

cohutta springs retreat center lake

The lake in the middle of the retreat center with the fall leaves in the backdrop. So beautiful!


The big dinner table with food prepared with love!


A quick selfie with our reading group behind me

The 10 Worst Things About Being Single in a Couple’s World

The 10 Worst Things About Being Single in a Couple’s World



As much as it seems like I am content to be single I want you all to know it’s total BS!!! I don’t hate being single but I strongly dislike not being a part of a healthy coupled relationship. I’m not without options but the question is are they quality options? That’s what I’m holding out for and you should too. Read on to see the 10 Worst Things About Being a Single in a Couple’s World served with a cup of humor.

Being able to take up the whole bed, watch whatever you want on TV and being accountable to nobody are just a few of the great perks of being single. Unfortunately, for many singles, those things are not always enough. Here are the ten worst things about being single:


All that love and happiness is only slightly counteracted by the free wine. Once you’ve attended your fifth wedding of the year, it’s hard to keep calm when people question you about your love life and tell you you’ll meet someone soon.

Image source

Not having a partner in crime

Life is just better when you have someone special around all the time, keeping you company at the cinema, giving you excuses to get out of boring events, and stopping you from buying really stupid outfits. There’s not much that can beat having someone you can be with whenever you like.

 Image source

Your diet

No relationship means fewer reasons to eat well. It’s hard to keep preparing meals for one when you could just as easily break out the chips and jumbo-sized chocolate bars.

Image source

Hanging out with couples

Singletons usually end up as the odd ones out at parties and other events. When you’re in a relationship, you’ve got some back-up should you want a breather – but when you’re single, you either try and fit in or go home alone. Third wheel, anyone?

Image source

Worrying about being alone forever

Even the most resilient singles have 3am freak-outs where they worry they’ll never find love again. These freak-outs can also happen at parties, festive seasons or other people’s weddings (see above). To combat this, using sites such as eHarmony who match people based on their shared values and beliefs can help.

Image source

Putting on a brave face

It’s only so long that you can convince your friends that you’re absolutely fine with being alone and you really don’t want to meet anyone. Ever. Really. It’s fine.

Image source

Being told you’re too picky

Because of course that’s why you haven’t found love – you’re much too choosy. If only you’d married Johnny Depp/Scarlett Johanssen while you had the chance, eh?

Image source

Seeing couples kissing in public

When you’re single, you really don’t want to be reminded of how happy and in love other people are at all times, particularly not first thing in the morning or when you’ve had a grueling day at work.

Image source

Being ‘the single one’ in your group of friends

Spend enough time around couples and you start feeling like you’ve got ‘single’ stamped on your forehead whenever you go out anywhere. This is especially awkward when your friends start trying to set you up with every eligible person they meet.


Image source

Valentine’s Day

Because there’s nothing worse than having an entire day dedicated to reminding you of how single you are (not to mention all the “maybe next year” comments from your coupled friends).

Image source

Author Bio:

This article was brought to you by eHarmony Canada who are experts in matching singles with suitable dates using their unique patented Compatibility Matching System.

10 Worst Things About Being a Single in a Couple’s World

Money Saving Tips for Your Home Decor Makeover!

Money Saving Tips for Your Home Decor Makeover!

Wall Decal Quote Text Vinyl Sticker Home Decor Art Mural " Do what you love …" 22.8” x 24.8”

There are so many options on the home décor front today that allow an individual to showcase their own unique personality. Whether you’ve chosen your décor to purposely match your style or not, you’ll find the items and colors that surround you to say a lot about who you are. While there’s no right or wrong way to decorate your own dwelling, you want to remember to have fun with it and choose what suits your own brand of home furnishings and not someone else’s.


The palette of colors to paint your home is quite extensive today, and you’ll find there to be a shade to suit every personality and mood. Buying high quality framed art for the home will make all the colors pop when passing by.. Guests walking into a home with bright yellow and pink hues may need their sun glasses to navigate through your home. However, if you like the colors, and they fit with your décor, you can feel proud knowing that you’ve added your own style and flare.

If you border on being orderly, and you like everything in place, your colors may be a bit more sterile and neutral oriented. Whichever you decide, the cost of hiring painters can be expensive. There is a simple solution. You can try doing some of it yourself by painting the walls and hiring someone to paint the trim. Another solution is to opt for an accent wall which would only cost a portion of the price to cover the entire room.


From contemporary and Asian to country and elegant, you’ll find a host of styles to choose from when decorating your home. However, the style that you select isn’t the most important part of the equation. Your home should speak volumes about your personality the moment your guests enter your home. If your style is more reserved and elegant, leggy furnishings and cool fabrics may showcase your personality best.

If you’re more on the quirky side, you may wow your guests with a more unusual themed home with modern chairs, vibrant sofas and ornate lamps. You don’t have pay a lot to achieve this. The trick is to shop at discount stores such as Ross or Garden Ridge that specializes in providing closeout items at low prices. You can also design pretty floral arrangements and unique wall decor yourself by shopping from a craft store. You can actually order some items in bulk online. That is the ultimate way to show who you truly are.


In addition to your home furnishings and paint choices, you’ll find that paintings and artistic displays can add to your personal tastes. An individual with Victorian tastes may lean toward a floral print with an ornate frame painted gold that hangs over the fireplace mantel. Modernized quality framed art for the home, paintings, and eclectic pieces displayed throughout your dwelling can display artifacts collected around the globe or from your favorite retail establishment. Believe it or not, you can find some very interesting reasonably priced pieces at Family Dollar and Dollar General stores. You may even be able to find a classy antique piece that you can refurbish a your local thrift store.

Have Fun

You’ve probably waited all of your life to finally have a say in how you decorate your home environment. While you may have been able to decorate your room as a child with posters, toys and wall art, you’ll find that there’s nothing like furnishing your own home. Before you set out to begin the project, you’ll want to do some research by looking online for ideas. You’ll also find some great examples through your favorite magazines and books too. Since this is your own living space that you’ll be creating, you want to have fun and light up your inner personality.

While visitors to your home may not say anything about your decorating style, you’ll be able to read their response in their expressions. However, it’s not your guests that you need to worry about impressing. Choosing ideas that mesh with your personality and allow it to shine through is your primary focus and a decision you’ll be happy about.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wicker-furniture/9445138921/

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Beauty in Motion: Boost Your Confidence and Defeat Depression By Embracing Your Beauty in 2014!

Beauty in Motion: Boost Your Confidence and Defeat Depression By Embracing Your Beauty in 2014!


I rarely talk about beauty on my blog but since it’s the new year I think it would be great to share my thoughts, tips, and overall journey into a more feminine me.

Single Mommyhood Left Little Time for Beauty

As a single mom with a dozen hats to wear it is easy to forget about how we look. For years I just did the basics of making sure I took a shower and got dressed. Sweats and a t-shirt was my uniform of choice much of the time. I put my hair in a ponytail and marched out the door with kids in tow. I was like this even before I had kids. I didn’t care to much about how I looked because I was trying to avoid attention. It didn’t seem matter to at least one man because I have two kids now, right?

Neglecting My Hair Was Not an Option

One thing I did care about was my hair. My mom was a beautician so she taught my sister and I how to take care of our hair. She shared different products with us and let us experiment. One product I remember using was Motions hair styling products. It was a more natural solution than most products on the markets plus it smelled very good!

I used Motions for years, from their hair relaxing products to their hair moisturizers. Now that I have Sisterlocks (TM), which are small dreadlock type locks I don’t use many products on my hair. One thing I still use is the Motions setting lotion to help my lock curls and braidouts last longer.

New Hair Products For Versatile Styles

Recently I learned about Motion’s new line of styling products for women who want both curly and straight looks. I haven’t tried it but definitely recommend it for women who want more than one style choice. Motions is just a good product so I am confident in making the recommendation.

MotionsKit1     MotionsKit2

The Motions Curly 2 Straight kit comes with Suave Motions cleanser, 1 leave in conditioner, and a flat iron. It is available at Walgreens. Locate it at a store near you using the locator.

Transformation Has It’s Rewards

SamanthainRedI mentioned that in the early days I didn’t put much thought into my appearance. Now it’s a much different story. I love dressing up, putting on makeup and jewelry, and looking my best everyday. It gives me a self-esteem boost and makes the day go better.

Looking my best makes me feel my best, which makes facing daily challenges easier. Now I don’t even think about avoiding looks or fear unwanted attention. My light shines brighter because I have a better perspective on life. Looking great from head to toe is one of the secrets I hope you will embrace for yourself this year.

What do you do to look and feel better every day? What do you plan to start doing in 2014 to add or change a routine that will take you from blah to brilliant?!?!